Midwest History of

Mathematics Conference

Fall 2006

Friday and Saturday

October 13-14

Penn State Erie,

The Behrend College

       Dr. William Dunham's Four Books

Main Address:

Euler in Three Acts

William Dunham

Koehler Professor of Mathematics, Muhlenberg College

To recognize next yearís 300th anniversary of Leonhard Eulerís birth, we examine three short but ingenious theorems from this great mathematician.  In Act One, we see Euler as number theorist, with his 1750 explanation of how to generate amicable numbers by the busload.  Act Two features Euler as geometer, with a 1748 theorem relating the sides and diagonals of a convex quadrilateral.  And finally comes Act Three with Euler as analyst, as we consider a 1749 proof of his famous identity using integral calculus.   Taken together, these results remind us why it is so fitting that we celebrate his birthday in 2007.

NOTE:  This talk should be accessible to anyone familiar with calculus

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Dr. Antonella Cupillari, School of Science,

Penn State Behrend,

5091 Station Road

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